Neurology Consults Notification Bot

Neurologists at University Hospital Southampton use Medxnote to get real-time notifications on Microsoft Teams when a consult is ordered, making neurology referrals 15x faster.

Case Study Overview

Improving patient flow and improve workflow efficiency using the Medxnote Neurology Consults Service Referrals Bot

University Hospital Southampton provided its clinicians with access to the Medxnote Neurology Consults Service Referrals Bot within Microsoft Teams to provide them with real-time access to referral queues, helping them improve their workflow efficiency and ultimately, helping to discharge some patients more efficiently. Clinicians could get access to referrals from neurology in real-time, all within the Microsoft Teams app.


Real-time access to referral queue


Discharge patients more efficiently


15x faster than previous workflow


Challenges faced by University Hospital Southampton

University Hospital Southampton faced delays in treatment for patients due to delays in the printing of referrals. On average, before using Medxnote, UHS took 150 minutes (2.5 hrs) to print a referral. Given the huge volume of internal referrals being sent per month at UHS, this resulted in hours of delays to treatment being added for patients as a result of an inefficient workflow. Clinicians would not have a sense of how many incoming referrals there were, meaning they could not coordinate their efforts to maximise efficiency. This resulted in reduced patient throughput.

Medxnote Provided the Solution

Medxnote connected the EMR system with the Microsoft Teams app available to all doctors at University Hospital Southampton (UHS). Microsoft Teams is part of most hospitals’ Microsoft Office 365 subscription. When a consult is ordered, Medxnote sends a push notification to the clinician, who can view the consult in  real-time within the Microsoft Teams app. If a patient can be easily discharged, having prompt access to the referral has helped clinicians at UHS prioritise seeing and making discharge plans for them. Medxnote increased the efficiency of the neurology referrals workflow by 1,500%, removing delays to treatment for patients in UHS.

How It Helped DOCTORS

Real-time access to referral queue

Before Medxnote, doctors would have to log in to a computer and check the referral queue, which sometimes they would only have an opportunity to do every few hours. Using Medxnote, doctors have real-time access to the referral queue, helping them co-ordinate human resources to improve workflow efficiency.


Increase patient

Real-time access to the referral queue for doctors meant that doctors could discharge some patients more efficiently, freeing up hospital beds for other incoming patients.

How It Helped IT

Enhance and improve HIT system

By connecting the HIT system with Microsoft Teams, Medxnote improved the timeliness and usefulness of the hospital’s data, allowing IT teams to help unlock previously siloed hospital data.

Ready to improve patient throughput at your hospital flow?

Medxnote improved patient throughput and saved clinical time at University Hospital Southampton. Contact our Sales team today to get Medxnote in your hospital.

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