Result Notification Bot

University Hospital Southampton was able to save time for doctors and patients using our result notification bot on Microsoft Teams.

Case Study Overview

Improving patient flow and saving clinical time using the Medxnote Result Notification Bot

University Hospital Southampton provided its clinicians with access to the Medxnote Result Notification Bot within Microsoft Teams to save them clinical time and discharge patients more efficiently. Clinicians could get access to results from radiology and pathology in real-time, all within the Microsoft Teams app.


Results sent directly to doctors' phones, saving clinical time that can be released for patient care to drive patient throughput.


Improved patient throughput, discharging patients more efficiently


Provided easy access to real-time results within Microsoft Teams


Challenges faced by University Hospital Southampton

University Hospital Southampton was wasting valuable clinical time on doctors walking to PCs to check for radiology and pathology results. This had a knock-on effect on patients not being discharged as efficiently as possible. Before Medxnote, a doctor would send a patient for a scan at radiology and would have to physically check the results of the scan on a PC within the hospital. When doctors are busy, it can take several hours for the doctor to get around to checking the scan results. This delay could result in a patient unnecessarily staying in the hospital an additional day and not being discharged efficiently.

Medxnote Provided the Solution

Medxnote connected the radiology and pathology results with the Microsoft Teams app available to all doctors at University Hospital Southampton (UHS). Microsoft Teams is part of most hospitals’ Microsoft Office 365 subscription. When results become available, Medxnote sends a push notification to the doctor in charge of that patient, and the doctor can access the results in real-time within the Microsoft Teams app. If the results show that the patient can be discharged immediately, Medxnote just saved that patient a day in the hospital, improving patient flow for the hospital. Medxnote sent 2440 results directly to UHS doctors, estimated to save 16 minutes for each doctor per shift. This means that Medxnote saved over 650 hours for doctors at UHS that can be released for patient care.

How It Helped DOCTORS

Save clinical time

Doctors spent less time logging in to hospital PCs to check if results were available and instead received push notifications on their mobile devices to alert them when results became available. 


Improve patient throughput

Real-time access to patient scan results for doctors meant that doctors could discharge some patients more efficiently, freeing up hospital beds for other incoming patients.

How It Helped IT

Supercharge IT systems

By connecting the hospital’s IT systems with Microsoft Teams, Medxnote supercharged the timeliness and usefulness of the hospital’s data.

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