Clinical Trial Recruitment Bot

Royal Liverpool University Hospital increased enrollment in a clinical trial for Acute Pancreatitis.

Case Study Overview

Increasing enrollment in a clinical trial using Medxnote clinical chatbot.

Royal Liverpool University Hospital used Medxnote to help recruit patients for a clinical trial. Medxnote’s clinical chatbot notified the clinical trial team when a patient matching the trial’s criteria presented in the hospital. 


Increased enrollment in a clinical trial


Saves time for clinicians


Provided benefits to patients


Challenges faced by Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Royal Liverpool University Hospital was having difficulty in identifying patients who matched the criteria for a clinical trial they were conducting. The clinical trial consisted of a randomised treatment of Acute Pancreatitis with Infliximab. The double-blind, multi-centre trial had a 12-hour recruitment window. Finding patients who matched the clinical trial criteria was like looking for needles in a haystack, given the limited access to hospital-wide patient data. Receiving a Medxnote alert as patients present at the hospital would be game-changing for patient recruitment on the clinical trial.

Medxnote Provided the Solution

Medxnote connected the EHR/EMR with a clinical messaging platform. The Medxnote clinical chatbot notified the clinical trial team when a patient matching the trial criteria presented themself at the hospital. The trial team could now approach the patient and attempt to recruit them onto the clinical trial, saving time for the clinical trial team. Furthermore, patients could potentially benefit from the treatment by being part of the clinical trial.

How It Helped DOCTORS

Improved the efficiency of the recruitment process

Members of the clinical trial team saved time in the recruitment process by using Medxnote. Instead of having to manually identify suitable patients, the Medxnote clinical chatbot would notify them when suitable patients became available.


Potential to generate income from clinical trials

Using Medxnote clinical chatbots to find patients for clinical trials has the potential to generate revenue from the clinical trials.

How It Helped PATIENTS

Patients had access to a potentially better treatment

By being identified by the Medxnote clinical chatbot, patients who matched the trial criteria had the option to try a different, potentially better treatment than what they otherwise would have received.

Ready to improve the efficiency of clinical trial recruitment?

Medxnote improved the efficiency of patient recruitment for a clinical trial at Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Contact our Sales team to get Medxnote in your hospital.

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