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Medxnote Platform

Medxnote is a Robotic Clinical Assistant (RCA) platform that connects doctors and nurses to any clinical data at the point of care.  Our clinical chatbots optimise workflow without disrupting existing IT systems and drive patient throughput and
efficiencies in hospitals and healthcare setting.

The Medxnote platform is an open and extensible platform featuring HL7 FHIR integration and the ability to build a chatbot for any clinical improvement idea!

Currently Medxnote integrates with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner.

About the Medxnote, MedxTasks, MedxPlanner and Beep Microsoft Teams App

The Medxnote, MedxTasks and MedxPlanner and Beep Apps are Microsoft Teams client applications. They do NOTHING without a subscription to the Medxnote platform, which is currently only available to our customers.

If you would like to join the Medxnote platform, please email and we will be in touch with more information about the product.


Data Controller/Data Processor clarification

In the context of EU Data Protection laws, Medxnote Ltd is a Data Processor providing a secure data connection service between healthcare providers and clinical IT systems.  In all cases, the Data Controller will be the relevant Hospital, GP Practice, Clinic, or other healthcare provider who has adopted our platform.


About the Company

Medxnote Ltd is the developer and provider of the Medxnote platform. We are an Irish registered private limited company.



Post: Crookstown Business Park, Crookstown Upper, Ballitore, Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland. R14 VO26


Twitter: @medxnote


About the data that we process

The Medxnote, MedxTasks, MedxPlanner and Beep Microsoft Teams apps, when used in conjunction with the Medxnote platform process a range of personal and sensitive personal data about clinicians, and other healthcare providers staff, and patients. This includes the Healthcare staff member/clinician name and Active Directory profile.

Patient personal details as input by users of the application, which will include data relating to physical and mental health,
diagnosis, care plans, etc. In future the platform and app will support the transmission and display of clinical photography.

Patient data is processed using the app and platform for the purposes of treatment of patients and to prevent injury or other damage to the health of the data subject or others. Users are advised to ensure they have consent for the processing of patient data in the clinical environment but this may not always be possible to obtain in a clinical healthcare environment.



The Medxnote application, platform, and hosting environment are fully encrypted, with strong user access controls applied to all data and messaging.

The platform has been designed from the ground up to meet HIPAA and EU General Data Protection (GDPR) compliance requirements. These requirements and the functioning of the application and platform are kept under constant review.



Data may be written to or read from the user’s device in the course of using the app and associated platform. The access to and processing of this data is a necessary part of the operation of the platform and as such does not require consent under EU law. By installing the application and using the application, users consent to the reading and writing of data to their device.



Medxnote acts as a Data Processor for our clients who are Healthcare service providers. Users of the application who wish to have a copy of their user profile should first contact their employer who will make the appropriate request to us.

Patients who have had their data processed via the Medxnote platform should request their data from their Healthcare provider. Under Irish Data Protection law there are a range of exemptions from disclosure of personal and sensitive personal data, particularly data relating to Clinical care, which we are simply not qualified to decide on. As we are simply a data processor we would advise that individuals seeking access to patient data should contact their healthcare provider. We will, of course, comply with any instructions we receive from any of our Healthcare clients regarding disclosure of data.


“This App doesn’t do anything”

The Medxnote, MedxTasks, MedxPlanner and Beep Microsoft Teams apps don’t do anything on their own and require a customer connection to the Medxnote platform.

If you’ve installed the app and it isn’t doing anything:

Check if you are working in the Health care sector as a provider of care

See if your Hospital, Clinic, or GP Practice is a customer of Medxnote

If the answer to any of these questions is “NO”, then one of the following applies:

You are not in the healthcare sector and are not a target user for this app and should uninstall it.

You are in the Healthcare sector and your Hospital, Clinic, or GP practice might be interested in Medxnote – contact us for a demo and to discuss your needs.

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