Seamless Integration with Current Hospital Systems

Your hospital has already made significant investments in Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and in electronic health record systems. Within the Office 365 suite of products is Microsoft Teams, a communication app for teams, including healthcare teams. Medxnote connects Microsoft Teams to your hospital's EHR system so doctors can access health records for

Ever-Growing List of Use Cases

Medxnote's solution opens the world of possibilities to hospitals in unlocking their clinical data to improve patient flow, drive better decision making amongst doctors, and become a more efficient organisation. We provide clinical bots for providing doctors with access to patient information on their mobile phones, viewing scan results, recruiting patients for clinical trials, and

Trusted Microsoft Partner

Medxnote is Microsoft's first partner for bots within Microsoft Teams, their fastest growing app of all time. Microsoft Teams is revolutionising how work teams communicate. Our clinical bots, which automate human actions (e.g. searching for a specific patient's medical records), supercharge data at hospitals by connecting electronic health record systems to the Microsoft Teams messaging

Improve Patient Flow

Medxnote's clinical bots help discharge patients more efficiently, improve patient safety, and improve quality of care by providing doctors with access to previously siloed clinical data. When doctors have access to greater clinical data, they can make more informed decisions for their patients, improving quality of care. Better patient care means patients spend less time