Empower Physicians and improve patient care with the Medxnote Clinical Chatbot, seamlessly connecting clinical data to Microsoft Teams

The Medxnote platform connects Microsoft 365 to your hospital’s IT systems  supercharging improvements in flow, quality, safety and productivity.


Improve Patient Flow

Using Medxnote’s clinical bots within Microsoft Teams, doctors can save hours of clinical time by accessing patient records on their mobile phones. This clinical team can be release to patient care, improving patient satisfaction ratings and in some cases, result in discharging patients more efficiently.Medxnote’s clinical bots help discharge patients more efficiently, improve patient safety, and improve quality of care by providing doctors with access to previously siloed clinical data. When doctors have access to greater clinical data, they can make more informed decisions for their patients, improving quality of care. Better patient care means patients spend less time in hospital which means improved patient flow. Medxnote gets the right clinical data in the right hands at the right time by connecting the hospital’s IT systems to Microsoft Teams, a free app provided to hospitals by Microsoft as part of their Office 365 subscription.

Trusted Microsoft Partner

Medxnote is Microsoft’s first partner for bots within Microsoft Teams, their fastest-growing app of all time. Microsoft Teams is revolutionising how work teams communicate. Our clinical bots, which automate human actions (e.g. searching for a specific patient’s medical records), supercharge data at hospitals by connecting electronic health record systems to the Microsoft Teams messaging app. Microsoft loves Medxnote because of how many doctors use Microsoft Teams to communicate with their colleagues, view scan results, view positive flu notifications, recruit patients for clinical trials, and more.

Ever-Growing List of Use Cases

Medxnote’s solution opens the world of possibilities to hospitals in unlocking their clinical data to improve patient flow, drive better decision making amongst doctors, and become a more efficient organisation. We provide clinical bots for providing doctors with access to patient information on their mobile phones, viewing scan results, recruiting patients for clinical trials, and receiving notifications when a patient has the flu so the patient can be isolated as soon as possible to prevent the virus from spreading within the hospital. Our ever-growing list of use cases is revolutionising patient care and medical caregiving as we know it.

Seamless Integration with Current Hospital Systems

Your hospital has already made significant investments in Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and in electronic health record systems. Within the Office 365 suite of products is Microsoft Teams, a communication app for teams, including healthcare teams. Medxnote connects Microsoft Teams to your hospital’s EHR system so doctors can access health records for patients from an app on their phone. No additional system is required. You already have Microsoft Teams and you already have a EHR system, Medxnote seamlessly connects the two systems to increase the return on investment for both.

Get Ready to transform your patient flow

Our cloud-based service connects your hospital’s electronic health records system with the Microsoft Teams app, included in your Office 365 subscription, to unlock clinical data and improve patient flow.



Save clinical time and improve patient outcomes

Using Medxnote’s clinical chatbots within Microsoft Teams, clinicians can save hours of clinical time by accessing patient records on their mobile devices. This clinical time can be release to patient care, improving patient satisfaction ratings and discharging patients more efficiently.


Improve patient flow and ROI on your existing systems

Medxnote helps you increase the return on investment on your Microsoft Office 365 and healthcare IT systems by connecting the two together. Providing clinicians with access to patient records within Microsoft Teams means that doctors can make more informed decisions about patient care, ultimately leading to improved patient throughput.

for IT

Unlock your clinical data and business intelligence

Business intelligence is supercharged using Medxnote, unlocking previously siloed clinical data and using it to drive business and clinical decisions. Medxnote’s seamless integration with existing IT systems means that hospital IT teams can fully utilise the data available to them, without needing to learn any new technologies.

Featured Case Studies

Neurology Consults Notification Bot

Neurologists at University Hospital Southampton use Medxnote to get real-time notifications on Microsoft Teams when a consult is ordered, making neurology referrals 15x faster.

Lab and Radiology Result Notification Bot

University Hospital Southampton saves time for doctors and patients using our result notification bot on Microsoft Teams.

Instant Flu Notifications Bot

Medxnote developed a Flu Alert Bot to send flu alerts along with a downloadable PDF of the results to the appropriate staff members at University Hospital Southampton.

Clinical Trial Recruitment Bot

Royal Liverpool University Hospital increased enrollment in a clinical trial for Acute Pancreatitis, increasing revenue for the hospital and providing benefits to patients.

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